Creating a wig collection

Wigs are fun. But there are so many options. This guide will help you save time and money while wig shopping. 

Steps to Creating the Perfect Wig Collection

  1. Purchase a Custom Unit
    These units are most comfortable because they are designed with the blueprint of your head in mind. 

  2. Purchase an Alternate Unit (Standard or Custom)
    Alternating your units will extend the lifespan of each unit

    *Please Note: Standard Units are not a comfortable fit for every head. These units work best for average (21-22.5") heads.

  3. Purchase a Fashion Unit (if desired)
    This is our 'Full-Lace' Collection. The base on a full lace wig is made with swiss lace, that resembles a scalp. The lace allows you to achieve styles that require parting (such as braids). These units are great for trendy styles/colors. They create fun temporary looks, and are ideal for short-term wear. These units can be applied with or without adhesives.